Now we have over 18 years of experience for collection of gemstones & minerals specimens

k2gemstones is a leading collector of rough gemstones, gemstones & mineral specimens, cut faceted stones and Cabochons in Pakistan & Afghanistan origins

100% natural gemstones, mineral specimens for collector lovers

Gemstones including: Kunzite (Spodumene), Aquamarine, Rutile Quartz, Faden Quartz, Ruby, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, topaz, Garnet and many more

Our collections included

  • Rough/ raw material both facet quality & cabochons quality
  • Natural Crystals
  • Mineral Specimens
  • Cabochons
  • Faceted Stones


K2 Gemstones is using the Ultra Tec V5 Faceting machine from M/S. Ultra Tec Manufacturing Inc (USA) for making Faceted Stones, and

The Titan Gem-Maker machine from M/S. Diamond Pacific Tools Inc (USA) for making cabochons & free size stones

Our Products | collection are 100% guaranteed natural gemstones:

  • no heated
  • no diffused
  • no radiated
  • 100% natural gemstones