About Us

We at K2 Gemstones

We are collector and dealer of natural Gemstones including rough gemstones both “faceted & cabochons qualities plus crystals and mineral specimens. From Pakistan and Afghanistan origin

Collection of Gemstones is not only our Business it is our Passion

Since last 17 years, we are working hard to collection quality gemstones and mineral specimens, also crystals, rough facet grade gemstones, and cut (faceted) and cabochons

We participate regularly in annual Tucson Shows and also in annual Denver Mineral Shows in USA

We have strong working relations with miners in northern area in Pakistan, especially we regularly visit to mines in Northern Area including Dasso Shigar valley, Skardu, Ahmadabad Hunza-Nagar, Ranthak, Ganche, Hushe, Ganche, ShagariBala for collection of rough stones and mineral specimens

ALSO, we have strong working relations with miners & dealers from Afghanistan. Afghanistan has a great source of world best quality Tourmaline & Lapis Lazuli and many others gemstones famous worldwide

Our Products

Our gemstones are 100% guaranteed:

  • no heated
  • no diffused
  • no radiated
  • 100% natural gemstones

Yes, K2 Gemstones deal only 100% in natural gemstones, mostly from Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is our company policy; we do not deal in synthetic or created gemstones

We deliver a wide range of natural gemstones to fine gemstones jewelers and luxury trade professionals throughout the world.

Our gemstones are sourced directly from the mines of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Because of our direct source of mines, we are not allowed to enter any intermediates and we pass the price benefit to our customers. Therefore, we are able to supply gemstones at very affordable prices compared to any other stone sellers. The Gemstones we are going to sell on this site will give you a unique and effective result that is the desire of all!

Our Mission

With a passion for colored gemstones, gem crystals and specimens, we are providing 100% natural gemstones at competitive prices to our worldwide customers. Incorporating a philosophy of honesty and integrity in our business dealings. You will enjoy working with our team.

Welcome to K2 Gemstones website. Feel free to browse around and see the great selection of gemstones we have available. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email; we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Our Technology

K2 Gemstones is using the Ultra Tec V5 Faceting machine from M/S. Ultra Tec Manufacturing Inc (USA) for making Faceted Stones, and

The Titan Gem-Maker machine from M/S. Diamond Pacific Tools Inc (USA) for making cabochons & free size stones

We (K2 Gemstones) are also sale representative of M/S. Ultra Tec Manufacturing Inc in Pakistan, the Ultra Tec is manufacturing world finest quality faceting machinery and other equipment’s for gemstones faceting

We (our director Mr. MJ Awan) is the member of United States Faceter’s Guild

You Will Get 100% original gemstones (with authentic Lab certificate, if required) with 100% Cash Back Offer [Conditions apply]